When building in spawn you agree to those rules:


- Keep buildings a bit realistic if possible.

- If plots are placed, build within them.

- Buildings need to look good at the outside. the inside is not quite as important.

- Keep the buildings fit to the environment.

- Keep all rooms at least 3 blocks high.

When building in the stone part, which should look a bit more like a nice city. It will be the main part. A lot of shops and stuff should be placed here.Edit

- They need to have parts of stone, tho you can add other stuff too.

- Some nice colored roofs. Like the one Harry did for the town hall. Can be made of wool or whatever that is colorful.

- Use a lot of different materials for details.

- They need to look good both outside, and inside. Focus most on outside tho.

When building in the grass area, which will be known as the noble sectionEdit

- Main building material should be wood.

- Try not to use too much stone, and especially not cobblestone.

- A good thing to use is gold and diamond blocks.

- Keep your buildings inside of the plots.

When building in the desertEdit

- Keep it like a desert. Don't use water at all, and not too much wood.

- Good things to build with will be: Sandstone, Obsidian, Stone, Iron.

- The desert is a bit like a mystical thing, so you can make flying object, tho try to keep them inside the plots.

When building in the dock which will be known as the harborEdit

- Build wooden houses. A bit stone can be used tho.

- When building boats, you need to make them look good, both outside and inside.

- You can pretty much place your houses anywhere at the harbor, tho try to keep a road next to the water all the time.

- Do not make any tall buildings.

Any buildings not fitting those things, might get demolished, tho i can make exceptions.

Also i might move some of the already created buildings a bit around to make everything look good.

What needs to be done:Edit

Streets are still not done.

Houses, pretty much everywhere.

Boats in the harbor.

A school would be nice. Best place to make it would be in the stone part of the city.

Some shops placed all around the city.

Some statues also placed all around the city, they need to fit the environment.

This is what i can remember at the moment. more things will be added later if i get to remember more stuff.