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Best dunk ever.

Hello! My ingame name is Krazy_man123, and I have been playing Minecraft for about a year now, or close to it, and I'm fifteen. I now will go through the long and boring and tiresome intro that you all will have to read xD. First off, I have been playing on zCraft for I would say 2 months or close to that. This server is by far the best server that I have ever played on, and probably will ever be.

Now I will get on to where I started. I played on quite a few servers before this, but I always got bored of them quite fast. I started out on a server called Norse Builders or something. I liked the server quite a bit, but it was hit hard by griefers constantly. However, I got so mad at the server because I was a noob for one, and also because I put in about 5 days of hard work into this building project the owners gave me. Anyway, I proceeded to leave the server and join multiple building servers and RPG servers. I eventually got really bored of them and joined this one brand new server. I was literally the first person to join, so I got to know the owner very well. That led me into getting a promotion to admin which I was very happy for. Then, I left for a track trip and when I came back, there was a whitelist and there was no way of contacting the owner, and I tried for a long time to get back on. Anyway, after that I joined zCraft. There's my life on Minecraft xD.

Interesting Facts about me

Well, one very interesting fact is that I currently live in Egypt, and have been here for 2 years. I am American however, and yes, I was here for the revolution xD. I had to be evacuated for 2 weeks to the States and it was a good break from the most annoying thing for a teenager - School. The one thing that everyone hates. Anyway thanks for reading this, and I hope to see you on the server sometime soon if you're reading this.