I'm A Recruit,Now What?Edit

Now that you've become a recruit you have a ton of options!You can join a faction,start building your home,gather rmaterials and a lot of more awesome things!


Meeting New PeopleEdit

The firs thing you want to do after becoming a recruit is meeting some players.You may want to get an extra hand from someone if you need their help with something.Having good relationships with the players will gain you respect and reliability.A good way to meet new players besides in-game,is using our forums.

Rules To RememberEdit

You should remember a few rules about zCraft while playing:

  1. zCraft staff will never ask you for personal information or information regarding your Minecraft account.
  2. Do NOT ask staff members to give you free items(refer to Building Requests for more info).
  3. Do NOT act rude to other players and or staff members.
  4. If You have a question,ask a staff member politely not in a rude manner.

If you infringe these rules,you may be banned.

Choosing A FactionEdit

At zCraft we rely on Kingdoms or Factions that hold player homes,and shops.Some factions can be Modern,full of massive buildings, or others can be small villages with a spiraling economy.It's your choice to choose which suites you.You can use the rail systems located at spawn to take you to the Factions.If you don't want to join a faction immediately,you can visit the Build Area to mess around making buildings.

Resource GatheringEdit

Working On It.