Getting Started On zCraftEdit

Once you enter zCraft you will enter our spawn area.This is the main spawn castle featured on the home page.Once you login,your title is "Guest".Guests have noo privelages besides looking around the spawn.In order to become promoted to Recruit,you must visit our forums here.Once you arrive on the forums,you will see a few options.


Voting On Minestatus

First,Click on "Vote On MineCraftTopList.You should be directed to a site that tells you "Thank You,Your Vote Has Been Accepted" or something among those lines.Once you are given that message,Head back to the site and click on "Vote On Minestatus".You should be directed to a capcha box that looks like this:


The Captcha box.

Once you see the box,enter the words as placed in the box.Your vote will then process.Once completing both steps,you can contact a Staff member in-game and be given your promotion to Recruit.