The Head to Toe guide on creating your first structure in zCraft (currently)Edit

Well i want to start off this tutorials that this tutorial is for people who have played single player miencraft for at least 2 days. Also you must be a recruit to build!

1st: Explore our spawn if you haven't done this than im suprised that you voted so quickly.

2nd Easy mode: type /warp buildarea

2nd: Go to and find your position on the map. Which will be easy to find if you go to the right now the map and put your mouse on the arrow. It should show list of players online and you should see your name. Click your name and it should automatically go to your exact location. Once you know where you are at use your mapping skills and head toward a direction of no builds should look a little treey (nice voc.)

3rd: After you hit the area of nothing do as you do in normal minecraft explore and make a house. The house can be temporary or a huge house that you may live in forever. Its minecraft you decide!

4th: Learn about zCraft and explore as i have said 500 times. As long as you follow rules your life will be great in zCraft.